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Our mission, should we choose to accept it…

…is to get the hell out of our apartments and work with other people.  

We’re freelancers who both primarily work from home.  Which on the positive side means we get all of our packages, have cleaner than average kitchens and know that all of our stuff is in one location.  On the not so bright side, it means that we get sad and lonely sometimes.  (And in Martha’s case, a little weird.)  

The irony is that we’re professional village makers.  We’ve chosen careers where we bring people together to network and transfer ideas (Laurea a professional conference producer, Martha a presentation designer and delivery coach).  

So, we’re off exploring the world to see other people’s villages.  We wanna work in awesome co-working spaces, meet awesome people, and do after work happy hour, like normal people (extra exciting for Martha).  We’re excited about it.

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