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Laurea’s take on coworking at Rev on Friday, June 15, 2012

I found out about Rev from the Loosecubes site when they announced their Summer Coworking Challenge which you should definitely check out!

The unique feature about Rev is that it is located under the Vitra store in Chelsea so it is furnished with Vitra furniture, giving this coworking space an advantage of having the nicest office furniture of any coworking space or most offices for that matter that I have seen so far.

Rev is located near the Highline, right next to Soho House and a few blocks from Chelsea Market - such a design lover’s neighborhood.

Even though Rev is in the lower level of the Vitra store, you don’t feel like you are working in a basement, which was my initial concern before seeing the space. The ceilings are pretty high for a lower level space and since the Vitra storefront is all glass, sunlight comes down into the Rev space.

What I liked:

The furniture was gorgeous, comfortable and functional. I had a big desk with a giant monitor (about 40 inches). The desk came with a laptop plug, iPhone charger, mouse and keyboard. Definitely the most complete desk I have tried working in so far. The chair was also extremely comfortable which most coworking spaces understandably so cannot afford to have so it was a luxury to work in the space for the day. Clearly the Vitra marketing with Rev worked on me because I had such a good experience with their furniture.

There was a communal desk that you could work from standing up. I was so into my desk for the day that I did not get a chance to try to work standing up even though it is supposed to be better for you.

There was a nice couch area if you wanted to have a meeting or just not work at a desk for a bit.

The fridge was stocked with IZZE soda and there were snacks available.

There restroom was super clean and fancy. Since the restroom is shared with the Vitra office, you got to walk by their gorgeous office on the way to the restroom.

Internet speed: Download speed: 15.60, Upload speed 5.02

What could be better:

If you are lucky enough to get a desk for the day then it definitely feels spacious but if the space is busy I can see the communal tables getting pretty crowded since the chairs are quite close together.

There isn’t space for a proper conference room so if you are someone who is looking for a space with a conference room then this won’t work for you.

If you make a ton of phone calls and want a phone booth then this open plan space is also not a good match.

The front door is locked until the Vitra store is open so you have to find someone on their staff of 3 to open the door to let people in who are meeting you if the store is closed; so you don’t have the freedom of having keys to the space unlike other coworking spaces.

Lunch: Martha, Jen and I went to http://www.friedmanslunch.com/ in Chelsea Market and then brought our food to the Highline.

This kind of lunch option is when you are reminded of why you work so hard to live in NYC - being able to enjoy a beautifully designed public space that people from all over the world travel to see with some delicious food during your lunch break.

Happy hour: Martha and I went to the bar at the http://www.hotelgansevoort.com/ for a drink. Ridiculously nice views (pictured below) but you have to go before 6 PM before the crowd gets unbearable. The drinks are pricey ($18 for one cocktail) but they are strong. There were tater tots on the menu which seemed like an awesome idea but there are only 3 of them for $9. So don’t order them!

Cost: Rev has two plans - occasional and unlimited.

The occasional plan reminds me of Zipcar because you can pay hourly and even by the minute!

The unlimited plan for $249 a month is a really good deal for a plan that is Monday - Saturday 9 am to 9 pm and located in Chelsea with some of the best office furniture you can get.

More details about costs and benefits here.

Since Rev is still new, it is not really clear who the community is yet but I’m definitely keeping an eye on it to see how the community develops since it is such a beautiful space. 

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