Laurea’s take on coworking at the Loosecubes HQ on February 3, 2012

Since Loosecubes is an online database of coworking spaces that enables people to book coworking slots in different spaces, features reviews *and* they allow anyone to cowork in their office if you sign up in advance and pay $5 to work there for the day; Martha and I were excited to try it out. It was the first time that we coworked in a space that was primarily made up of the company. The coworkers were the minority in this case which was new for us.

Loosecubes is in a building on 20 Jay Street in DUMBO. It is a quick walk to and from the York stop on the F train and there are plenty of places to stop by and get coffee on the way to the building.

DUMBO is growing and there are definitely more businesses than there were a few years ago, but the neighborhood still feels isolated. If you live in, within walking distance or a short bike ride from DUMBO, it is a good neighborhood to work in but it doesn’t offer the diversity of the other neighborhoods of the coworking spaces we have reviewed in the past. If you have a lot of meetings in Manhattan then this isn’t going to be a good place for you.

What I liked:

The Loosecubes office is in a spacious loft office with big windows and plenty of light which I loved since I need both while I work. The desks were large and there were monitors that I could plug into. It was great having the ability to replicate my exact external monitor set up at home for the first time in a coworking space. 

If you have a bike you can bring it up into the office so you don’t have to worry about locking it it up on the street.

There is a tent where you can work, make calls, have a meeting, take a nap or just hang out if you feel like you just need some astroturf in your life!

What could be better: Some way for Loosecubes to more effectively integrate the coworking area into their space to facilitate a better interaction between their team and the coworking community in their space.

I wouldn’t be making this recommendation if the company office were just a shared space with no coworking objective but since the focus of the company is coworking they should take better advantage of connecting with the coworkers they attract.

We were given a friendly introduction to the space which covered all the basics - available desks, location of bathrooms and wifi password but since Loosecubes is about coworking and they have opened up their space to anyone to work in for a small fee, I expected them to take a stronger interest in how and why Martha and I chose to work in their space for that day and the kind of work we are involved in. 

Since they let other people work in their space it would also be better if they built a conference room or some other private space for them to have their company meetings. It was a bit awkward for us to hear meetings that should be separated from the shared space.

Lunch: Martha and I ate at Superfine that day which has a solid menu and comfortable tables but it is not a great bargain. Lunch will cost you around $15-$20 per person. This is not the neighborhood for lunch specials.

Happy hour: There are a bunch of casual bars close by. The most popular one being reBar, but since we wanted to try something else, we ended up at 68 Jay Street bar. It is a small space and was mostly standing room which works if you don’t plan on drinking for too long. They offer standard, basic drinks - nothing too fancy or different but the main benefit is that it is affordable and close to the office.

Special features and costs: Cool tent, ability to bring a bike into the office, very affordable $5 day rate, $400 a day event space rental for a group, $400 a month for an individual desk, $1600 a month for a group desk

More info about costs and options here.

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Laurea’s take on Greenpoint coworking on December 6, 2011 (Yeah I know super LATE!)


We hope you had a festive holiday and the new year is treating you well so far.

Yes our posts are SUPER LATE for the Greenpoint coworking space but that is what happens during the holidays. 

Everything gets nuts in order to close out the year. 

I got back from an amazing trip to Mumbai last Saturday so I am just now catching up and getting back into the swing of things here.

Ok enough excuses, here we go…

The Greenpoint coworking space would be perfect for you if you lived in Greenpoint and wanted to stay in the neighborhood but get out of your house. It is not super ideal for me since I live on the South Side of Williamsburg so it is an awkward location for me and actually faster for me to get to a coworking space downtown.

It is the smallest space we have seen so far which would work if you want to work in an intimate space and don’t need to do a lot of client meetings and phone calls in the space.

Address: 240 North Henry Street, Brooklyn


What I liked: The people working there were very friendly, there was a relaxed atmosphere and the workspace faces a window so you don’t feel like you are working in a small box. You get to hang out with a cute dog named Sushi.

Lunch: Martha and I had lunch at which had a pretty diverse menu of bistro type food. The portions were huge for the price so if you are super hungry then go here.

Good happy hour spots close by: We didn’t have time for happy hour that day but if we had we would have tried one of the spots on Nassau Avenue or went to Five Leaves by the park.

What could be better: More desks and bigger space but given this seems to be a very neighborhood space their amount of space is probably the right fit for the neighborhood.

Special features:

- Discounts with Zipcar

- Up to 15% off at Moxie Bookkeeping

- Up to 15% off packages with Social Media Consultant/ Strategist Marian Schembari

-10% off any business coaching package with Susan Martin of Business Sanity

- 15% off legal work/contracts with Franqui Law Group

- Discounted rates on events and workshops at GPCW

- Free access to coworking spaces all over the world as a part of the Coworking Visa Program


I also started a Twitter list of all the coworking spaces in NYC -!/Laureado/nyc-coworking-spaces

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