In Good Company, February 17, 2012

We were greeted by a really really friendly receptionist by the name of Donna, who has some really fun pink highlights in her hair.  She instantly knew who I was and guessed my name.  Showed me where to sit and made sure Laurea and I met up and all that jazz.

The space itself has the energy of a really nice loft space with warm gallery art on the wall, nice desks (I’m biased though because they’re the same model as my desk at home just a different color), and a red tulip on everyone’s desk (my favorite flower).  Internet was super easy to get on, coffee was easy to find, and everything was just, homey.

Our biggest challenge, though, which is also one of the biggest pluses for the space, is that it’s quiet.  And it’s enforced as you can see with the picture of the quiet rules.  Laurea and I are loud chiquita bananas so that’s a tough one for us.  BUT, I did get a LOT done for the amount of time we were here.  

We were a little skeptical of the female-only member list for this venue, but we saw plenty of men.  So, it’s not like an all women’s college :)  It’s just that the business networking is mostly women, which as someone with a degree in women’s studies, is fine by me!

The chairs are nice.  The seating areas are nice.  The conferences rooms are nice.  The library for book swapping is awesome.  The soap and whatnot in the bathroom is a bit nicer than other venues and yes, nice.  Was a delight to work here.

They have a networking community related to the space; so you can be part of their community without working out of here.  And one of those perks, beyond events, is the ability to put your contact information on the big board near the coffee station (again, smart since that’s a time when people want to look at something).

It was only about 1/3 of the way full while we were there so not sure how loud it is when it’s fuller, but we are sure that Donna will enforce the quiet with kindness.  (Nicest scolding I’ve gotten in months, thanks!)


  • Details have been taken care of, lots of nice touches like tulips on everyone’s desk
  • Nice furniture
  • Nice lighting
  • Nice people
  • Great internet
  • Art gallery on the wall
  • Land lines for phone calls if you want them
  • Nice conference rooms (I want to book that front room at some point)
  • Location in town, Flat Iron, hello!
  • Tiered structure
  • Family vibe


  • Volume, we’re loud.  This is a plus for others :)
  • No daily drop in rate, but we see why.  They really want the family vibe here

We’ll likely be doing a follow up call with one of the founders soon and may add more notes.

But all in all, a great space!   We quite enjoyed it.  If you are a woman who is more mature, likes a quiet space, loves Flat Iron and works in communications in some manner (coaching, editing, etc), this is probably a community worth checking out.

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