So Techie Spaces, February 10, 2012

The two things that have become clear to us as we go around to the various co-working spaces of NYC are that every space has it’s own vibe and there’s probably a space for everyone. In the case of So Techie Spaces, this is the space that the guys from “The Big Bang Theory” would probably join if they were NYC co-workers. The energy here is reminiscent of the computer science floor that I lived on my Sophomore year of college: computer junk everywhere, black electronics and desks when possible, more interest in work space and outlets versus design and somewhat introverted.

This co-working space is sponsored by a small company and we believe shares a space with them. There are regulars who sit in the back and pretty much keep to themselves the whole time beyond a hello greeting when you come in and telling you where things are if you’re the first one in your group. (I wasn’t so Laurea told me)

All the seating areas are black which is a sort of developer chic. Not really my choice, but works with the vibe. Overhead light is bright and harsh so you will want to come early and get a window seat. But be careful about watching your seat. Mine was taken when I was at lunch and the offender didn’t apologize. The individual we got into an overhead light battle didn’t either. Normally we would just have a chat, but this is a space where people seem to avoid eye contact and we aren’t the type to knowingly make others uncomfortable. Pros Location, it’s nice being near Bryant Park Light from the front Desks near the window facing out Building is taken care of, they’re renovating the hallway Desks are a novelty Cons Not that friendly Could be a bit cleaner Not all outlets work Harsh overhead lighting Hard to maneuver coffee and the like It is pretty loud. This is a good spot to check out if you need somewhere cheap for a day near 42nd street and you won’t be seeing clients. Could also be a good space for a cheapish conference room.

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