Laurea’s take on Greenspaces (NYC location) on November 11 

We are delayed in posting because of the craziness that ensued before Thanksgiving. Martha and I hope you all ate a lot and spent time with the people you loved. We definitely did and are going to try to squeeze in some more reviews before the holidays!

Here is my take on Green Spaces which we visited on November 11…

Green Spaces is a few doors down from New Work City so everything I wrote about NWC in terms of the neighborhood is relevant. Canal Street is the stop you get off at to go to Green Spaces and it is in Chinatown.

Most people working in the space were pretty quiet and only a few people were on the phone throughout the day. This was the only space where Martha and I were told to lower our voices and what was strange was that the person who thought we were talking too loud told the receptionist to tell us to lower our voices. Not sure why the person couldn’t have just told us themselves to lower our voices - that was like a weird grade school flashback so whomever you were that thought we were too loud you should have just told us yourself and we could have also apologized to you and bought you a drink or something to make up for annoying you!

I was surprised by the number of people who ate lunch at their desk. One of the benefits of being a freelancer is being able to leave your desk for lunch. Since there were a number of people eating lunch at their desk it got a bit smelly for an hour or so until everyone was done eating.

Wifi: Download speed 23.85 mbps, Upload speed 4.89 mbps, Ping 15 ms

What I liked: I like how Green Spaces has a free day pass that is easy to find on their website.

All co-working spaces that are looking to be inclusive should have a link to a day pass on their website.

Amy, the receptionist was very friendly and gave a detailed tour and overview of the space. 

There is a decent kitchen, one pretty good lounge area that you could add chairs to yourself to accommodate any meetings. There are two fairly small conference rooms which could fit about 4-6 people max.  There is free coffee and tea all day and 24/7 access to full time members.  

There is one phone booth which can fit a laptop if you need to duck somewhere to have a phone call. 

You don’t have to be a part of the Green community to work here but they are aiming to be the hub for the Green community so if you are a freelancer or business looking for desk space then this is the best co-working community match for you.

Lunch: We went to Nha Trang One for a quick lunch which is decent but not the best since we didn’t have much time that day to really be picky but since Green Spaces is in Chinatown the options are numerous!

Good happy hour spots close by: We didn’t have time for Happy hour that day unfortunately but if we did I think we would have gone to Winnie’s for some divey drinks and $1 per song karaoke action

What could be better:

I prefer a space with more natural light. It was a bit dark here but they kind of made it work by going for a library look.

I wish there were plugs embedded in the desks. You need to be by a wall if you want an outlet though there are a few extension cords available. 

From an aesthetic point of view I liked the eclectic mix of furniture but from a functional point of view some chairs were more comfortable and a better match to the desks. I had to take some time to find the right chair to work in for the day.

Special features:

Colorado and NYC locations

Event space rental, use of the space to host workshops for $175 an hour and events with a Green community focus

Curated connections, an intern program and a referral network


The costs and benefits for each tier are outlined very clearly here

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